National Conservatory of Lille

Prizes for harpsichord, piano and musical theory

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Musique de Paris

Composition, orchestration and arragements
Teacher's degree in musical writings
Degree in composition of film music, under Laurent Petitgirard
Studied under Gabriel Yared


P'tit suc'by René Borg

co-creator of the Shadoks, France Télévisions

Campaign to encourage citizens to register on voting lists

France Télévisions, 1995 (still running)

Swatch watches

Campaign for North-African TV networks, 1990

FILMS: short & medium-length

Comme des bêtes(Pascal Benbrik)

Proxima Production, 2007

Période d'essai(Pascal Benbrik)

Proxima Production, 2007

L'innocence(Pascal Benbrik)

Proxima Production, 2007

Funerals for Bakula Rinpoche(Mikael Kummer)

Michkine Films, 2006

Diary of a stranger(Mikael Kummer)

Michkine Films, 2006

Sale temps pour les mouches(Christine Rabette)

Sous-sol Productions, 1994
Prize-winner at the Brest Short Film Festival

Le mariage blanc(Christine Carrière)

Prize-winner at the International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand


On a way of St Expedit - Reunion's Island (Pascal Benbrik)

Storia Production , French TV KTO november 2011

L'enfance sauve (Tessa Racine)

Leitmotiv Production, TV France3, released in November 2008. (DVD: les films du paradoxe and FNAC)

One shot one life (Tessa Racine)

Leitmotiv Production, 2007. About Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX, master of Kyudo (the way of the bow)

Thérèse Menot, à force de courage (Tessa Racine)

Leitmotiv Production, TV France3, 2007 (DVD: les films du paradoxe and FNAC)

Le camp fantôme (Tessa Racine)

Leitmotiv Production , TV France3, 2006 (DVD: les films du paradoxeand FNAC)


Contemporary dance ballet of the choreographer Jean-François Duroure Based on the book Le langage des oiseaux by Farîd al-Dîn Attâr for the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris (1995)


Rain of arrows

Arrangement of the folk singer Andrew Sweeny's second album
Released in 2007, Leitmotiv Production.

éliZabeth Anscutter

She is a composer.

It's both in a wide and profound sense that Elizabeth Anscutter composes her music which becomes the musical scores for your films.

She has a unique faculty for paying full attention to your projects.

Whether you are at the stage of an idea or a scenario or preparing for the shooting, or even in post-production phase, Elizabeth Anscutter immediately finds the musical score that suits your visual world. That's normal for a composer who writes musical scores for films, you might say. Well, not quite so, if you take a closer look. Her musical scores don't just accompany the overall ambience of your film – they adapt to the very breathing, the rhythms and in particular to the emotional world of your characters

Elizabeth listens, proposes, touches up and lends variety to the musical themes as your film project evolves. In the end, her musical scores make a compelling case. They form one body with your creation and reinforce your own intentions..

Elizabeth Anscutter's music sustains and enhances the images of a film. Both in fiction and documentary, she displays the ability of the greatest composers of film music who can accentuate visual emotion without covering it. Her work is an unforgettable melody, the song of your images.


Author   Film maker   Scriptwriter

An ethnomusicological adventure

Recording and study of "La Fiesta del Sol" in the midst of the Andes Cordillera in Ecuador for a Master's degree in ethno-musicology