Thérèse Menot


A documentary by Tessa Racine

This is the story of a woman fighting forever, fighting as she breaths and not frightened of being hit. To be born as a girl and act as a boy, defend freedom at the expense of one's own, refuse to die and come back to bear witness, fight again for memory...

From the twenties to nowadays, this is the portrait of Thérèse Menot, the daughter of a railway man, once in the Limousin Resistance and sent to Ravensbrück. At more than 80, she travels and meets the young generation, bearing witness of the past and questioning our world with them.

Tessa Racine

Produced by Jérôme Amimer - Leitmotiv Production - France 3 - 2007 / Color / 52 mn

Original music by Elizabeth Anscutter.