Can you imagine Titanic with the music of Singing in the rain?
Or Darth Vader's arrival played by a flute?
Would Psycho make a hit with a western music?

Close encounters with film music

Film musics get us bamboozled. They form and transform how we receive images. These interactive and recreational conferences with numerous film excerpts will show how one's ears get fooled.

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5 juinVal d'EuropeLes musiques des films de science-fiction
22-24 septPont-ChâteauOn vous embobine l'oreille
30 septChellesLes chansons au cinéma
9 octBourgesOn vous embobine l'oreille
16 octChellesLes musiques des contes au cinéma
22 octSaumurOn vous embobine l'oreille
19 novLys-lez-LannoyLes musiques des séries
27 novAllonnesLes musiques des polars
28 janvierFontenay-ss-Boismusique de film, l'invisible au cinéma


Introduction to film music (video)
Conference by Elizabeth Anscutter
SACEM Symposium - December 14, 2016

The wonderful world of MovieSound

Workshops for children, families and schools
Participants will re-create a movie or cartoon soundscape: Disney, King Kong, Ben-Hur, Chaplin... A recreational and playful Computer Music workshop with dubbing, dialogs and sound effects using various objects.

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17 maiVerrières-le-Buissonatelier bruitages collège
16 juinDrancyatelier bruitages collège